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We Offer Services All Around The Roof.

From analysing damage to inspection and approval of the work on a roof.

Jürgen Lech trod new paths when he established his office for roofing technology (BFD) in 1992 knowing that new tasks require new ideas, most recent methods and means. “The roof is a very sensitive part of the construction, extremely subjected to strain and significant with regard to the costs. It requires my/our absolute attention in order to avoid damage. Financial and ecological aspects are taken into account by avoiding waste (old roofs).

There are always new laws, regulations and verdicts which are more and more obligatory for the client, the planner and the ones who are carrying out the work. Ignoring those duties might cause financial disadvantage (e.g. loss of insurance cover), long lawsuits etc. It might also have other consequences which are relevant to the client’s responsibility (see regulations for building sites).

The client
… has to service the roof and the drainage system regularly or to have them serviced by an expert. He also has to plan and coordinate measures to guarantee security and avoid health risks. Those measures have to be taken into account on the basis of the regulations for construction sites given by the Federal Government.

The Planner… has to explain the work which has to be done to the ones who are to perform it. Furthermore he has to point out the legal requirements, norms and obligations to the client. Those duties are obligatory.

The Performing Staff…has to do the required work in a way that the result serves its purpose permanently. They also have to point out the faults which might result from the planning.

Since the regulation for building sites has come into effect in 1992, the clients in the member states of the EU are responsible for the planning, coordination and observance of safety measures and avoidance of health risks. If the client is proved to be responsible for not observing safety and health matters at a building site, e.g. after a personal injury, this offence will be prosecuted. The building site regulations give permission to hand over this task to a qualified safety and health coordinator. The completion of trainings and many years of work and experience in this sector make it possible for us to offer those services to our clients. Jürgen Lech has also headed seminars, represented papers on roofs and roofing, has written articles for specialist journals and written and edited specialist books.

Apart from those legal requirements the roof is one of the components in construction which is extremely subjected to strain and most cost-intensive. Roof damage can frequently be traced back to cheap materials which don’t function sufficiently. “Being cheap very often means being expensive, since not being able to function for good.” We plan the most economical solution to the construction of your roof for you – taking account of the conformity to physical laws, according to analysis and after intensive consultation of the client.

Our Services Are:

- Planning
- Advising
- Quality Management
- Coordination of safety and health measures

Our Clients Are:

- Architects
- Banks
- Private And Public Clients
- Industrial Companies
- Property Management Companies and Housing Associations
- Experts

... and what about you?

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Safety assistance by trained assistant for job safety



The BFD offers workshops which gives insider information from long experience für practitioner, for builder, planner, construction manager and user.

The intervention of current information of engineer standards is here In the foreground, the latest adjudication paired with knowledge which Jürgen Lech has obtained during more than 30 years aktivity as roofer, planner, construction manager and expert for roofs.

Questions of participants are appreciated, the dialogue between lecturer and
participants of the workshops is part of every workshop.



Readers get more information "all around the roof"
by architecture- and building trade journals, furthermore by publications at the internet. In Addition since now more over 15 years by regular publications in different professional journals.

BHW = Bauhandwerk - Bertelmann Verlag - Gütersloh
BZ = bau zeitung - Verlag für das Bauwesen GmbH - Berlin
Dachy = PCB, Polen
db = deutsche Bauzeitung - Deutsche Verlagsanstalt – Stuttgart
DBM = Dachbau Magazin - Kleffmann Verlag
DBZ = deutsche Bauzeitschrift - Bertelmann FVerlag - Gütersloh
DDH = Das Dachdeckerhandwerk - Rudolf Müller-Verlagsges. - Köln
DDM = Der Dachdeckermeister - Kleffmann-Verlag - Bochum
DET = DETAIL – Institut für interantionale Dokumentation - München
DIB = Deutsches Ingenieurblatt
DUG = Dach + Grün – Kubersky-Verlag, Stuttgart
SUG = Stadt + Grün
Baunetz =


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